It is an extraordinary musical journey that transcends generations, taking its inspiration from the iconic sounds of The Supremes and MOTOWN, transporting you through a musical time capsule.

Over the course of the last four electrifying years, ‘SUPREME’ has evolved into a spellbinding celebration of today’s chart-topping hits, as well as the timeless melodies that once had us grooving on the streets during the golden era of girl groups.

Featuring the vocals of Yutzil Mar, Gabriela Heart, Bigi World and Miana Melendez, when these four dynamic women step onto the stage, an electric synergy ignites the air with absolutely incredible harmonies. Each performer takes center stage in turn, serenading the audience with lead vocals, while the others seamlessly provide flawless backup harmonies and choreographed dance moves. This show exudes the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, and it captivates and entertains audiences of all ages, promising an unforgettable night of musical magic! Produced by Alfonso Lopez and Edgar Roman, choreographer.

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