Cassandra Shaw Jewelry

Cassandra Shaw Jewelry

This store is a stimulating and exciting shopping experience. The decor is tasteful and warm with the most unique jewelry in Puerto Vallarta.

The majority of the jewelry is designed by Cassandra Shaw herself, and are one of a kind pieces. A form of art in its own right, each piece is stunningly crafted by her silversmiths here in Mexico. Very contemporary, very bold and dramatic, using natural stones, carved antique treasures and sterling silver to create a look as individual as its wearer.

Upstairs is a gallery with paintings by Cassandra, who has been a painter for over 20 years. She started while living in Vancouver, and moved to Puerto Vallarta in 1999 to start a career in jewelry design and art. The paintings are heavily layered, with focus on color and contrast in each canvas.

If you're shopping for affordable, completely unique pieces, her gallery and jewelry store is located in Old Town directly on Basilio Badillo.

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