La Piazzetta

La Piazzetta

Twenty-five years ago la Piazzetta was founded, and at that time, only offered 7 varieties of pizza and 2 salads. Today they have grown into a 200 seating Italian eatery.

Enjoy a wonderful dining experience in this Puerto Vallarta grown restaurant. Today La Piazzetta has expanded their menu selections just as much as their seating capacity. Offering 24 different types of pizza, new salads, pastas and main dishes. There is a nice variety of wine selections offered as well to compliment any selection you so choose. After dinner the flaming coffee is a must try.

The owners, created a fresh and clean environment with romantic and Bohemian touches. Their philosophy was to found a place where you can enjoy a meal just as you would in Italy, but with the pleasant scent of the Puerto Vallarta sea.

Located in the heart of Zona Romantica, La Piazzetta´s food is exquisite, prices reasonable and the atmosphere and service top notch.

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