Art Walk

Art Walk

Puerto Vallarta has established itself as a vibrant center of art creation, exhibition and promotion. An important contribution to the city´s art scene is Puerto Vallarta´s ArtWalk. The participating galleries in Centro Historico offer works by important national and international artists.

Collectors, patrons, residents and interested visitors can discover art of outstanding quality in the 12 participating galleries where exhibiting artists present their work. Galería Colectika focuses on the evolution of Mexican Art. New colors, forms and techniques have been adapted from the outside world by well-known native and Mexican folk artists. Galería Whitlow displays the masterful realism of Michael Whitlow paintings, exact detail, wonderful interplay of darks and lights amidst exquisite colors. Galería Córsica which has two locations has been an ArtWalk member for many years. Because this contemporary fine art gallery´s catalogue includes only top Mexican artists, the gallery is a favorite of art collectors.

Galería Pacifico has presented an eclectic blend of highly talented artists since 1987. Most of the artists represented by Galería Pacifico share a diverse contemporary focus. The unusual Galería Caballito de Mar exhibits art that is a serious reflection of Mexico´s cultural past. Antique Mexican jewelry, ceramics by Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art and unusual textiles are available at this unique gallery. Galería Uno is Vallarta`s oldest gallery with a wide selection of contemporary art featuring more than 30 artists living and working in Mexico.

The Loft Galería exhibits works of the finest contemporary artists of the Americas in an urban art gallery setting. This gallery helps individuals and corporations develop interesting valuable collections. Galería de Ollas is dedicated to showcasing fine pottery from Mata Ortiz México. From the 400 ceramists in this town, Galería de Ollas selects the most refined pieces for exhibit. PVSantana featured sculptures of Ignacio Punzo, Mexico`s renowned coppersmith, and Manuel Morales, a national treasure of high temperature ceramics. Also the gallery shows the works of important mature painters.

Puerto Vallarta`s Historic Center contains some of the most important restaurants in Mexico. The ArtWalk Association is proud to recommend the following restaurants: Café Des Artistes, River Café, and Mamá Rosa. A perfect dinner will turn any ArtWalk gallery evening into a fantastic culinary art experience.

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