Galería Pacífico

Galería Pacífico

One of the leading Puerto Vallarta art galleries since 1987, Galeria Pacifico offers Mexican art with an emphasis on local painters.

Galeria Pacifico displays a wide selection of sculptures and paintings in various media by midrange masters and up-and-comers alike. The gallery is 1 1/2 blocks inland from the fantasy sculptures on the malecón, and presents an eclectic blend of sculptures and paintings mostly by Mexican artists as well some foreigners living and working in Mexico.

The second oldest gallery in town, has been open for 23 years, and is starting its 24th Season with new and fresh additions such as Roberto Vazquez, whose intriguing work, seems to evoke the typical art of Oaxaca. Vallarta's great master, Ramiz Barquet has a large display of sculptures, including the renowned "Nostalgia." and the "Pescador Isidro". The widely talented, Brewster Brockmann with his sculptures and paintings, combines in a sublime way the nearly impossible fusion of naif and contemporary art. The multifaceted Hugo Barajas, whose work in fused glass have been a breath of fresh air in the local art scene, without forgetting the artistic sensibility of David Leonardo, whose work attracts us by its magnificent color and its characteristic and unique style. Alfredo Langarica, whose work combines the highest painting ability with a multi layered artistic sensibility with absolutely world class sense of humor. The spiritual beauty, eroticism and sensuality reflected in the sculptures of Laura Rubio is exemplified in pieces such as "It takes Two to Tango". The combination of styles that ranges from representational impressionism to magic realism can be seen in watercolors and paintings by Mike Kleimo. On the other hand, the vast majority of the sculptural work by Virginia Aparicio is devoted to female subjects, focusing not only on feminine beauty but on the unique visual strength of the female torso in its combination of curves and angles.

Puerto Vallarta's popular public sculpture walking tours hosted by Galeria Pacifico's owner, Gary Thompson, will resume this winter.

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