Museum of Opal and Minerals

Museum of Opal and Minerals

"We Belong to a family of three generations dedicated to the silverware, so the idea of the museum is motivated from when my brothers and I were kids."

"We are from a mining town (Taxco), and we are in many ways related and familiar with mines and the manufacture of jewelry in gold and silver."

"Our mining town Taxco - recognized worldwide as the city of La Plata - is where the jewelry industry, metalwork and sculpture in gold and silver were developed, so that mines and silver shops features called our attention and our idea of choice was to have our own "mine", or a shop characterized in the form of a grotto. Our parents taught us to value, work and develop techniques of silver manufacture, this being the principal duty of our hometown and finally came to us after many years of work the date and the real possibility to carry out this project. In 2018 in the city of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, is where would be the culmination of our childhood dreams and mining roots, so now, there is what will be the Museum of Opal and Minerals in Mexico. "

Has a length of more than 100 m2 of extension, the tour will consist basically of four sections: opal, silver, gold and quartz, among others, as well as a space of approximately 1200 square meters in total, where they will exhibit award-winning part of the Feria Nacional de la Plata, which will include from then minerals and semiprecious stones in permanent and temporary exhibitions.

The 5 main minerals to be displayed are: opals, silver, gold, quartz, copper."

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