English Classes

English Classes

A non profit, bilingual art center dedicated to expanding the local and international knowledge of Contemporary and Historical Arts and Culture in puerto Vallarta.
   - G. Prieto 164
   - Col. Las Canoas
   - Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
   - Tel. 322 222 1126

@ Arte Vallarta Museo
10:00 am 3 June

English classes $10 pesos!

Focus Registration
The course will be 12 months, there will be 3 options with different themes:


1. Group A (10am) consists of young people between 17-19 who are in their last year of high school. They will be asked to submit a copy of their updated cardex. Have the chance to continue with your studies, regardless of the major. They will be taught English that will allow them to obtain a job with better income while being able to continue studying.

2. Group B (11am) consists of Single Mothers aged 18 years and older, they will be asked to provide their INE to corroborate that they live in Puerto Vallarta. They will be asked to have an entrepreneurial spirit because we will be seeing business English that allows and empowers them to undertake.

3. Group C (12pm) consists of inclusion for anyone who does not fall into the first two groups as long as they are over 18 years of age and can present their INE to corroborate that they live in Puerto Vallarta. They will be asked to have a taste and desire to learn more about art.

Everyone will be asked for responsibility to attend classes, they are asked for a commitment to finish the course. There are only 20 spaces available in each group. More information about the course will be given in the interview after completing the registration. The interviews will take place throughout the month of May at Arte Vallarta Museo located at Guillermo Prieto 164 Col. El Remance.

It is necessary to complete the 3 goals, which are related to what you would do with English. Take your time to think about what your goals are and what you could achieve this year during the course. We will review your goals prior to the interview, please the more detailed your goal is, the more we will take your application into account.

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English Classes