Erik Rivera

Erik Rivera

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@ Arte Vallarta Museo
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until 29 July

Baby Mummies of Guanajuato.
A beautiful tribute to these lovely souls on exhibit.

Born in Mexico City (1979), Erik Rivera has a degree in Graphic Communication from the UAM emerging and for the museum's own collection.

Upon leaving this position, he began his plastic career with the nickname “El Niño Terrible,” glimpsing his particular style focused on the look of his childish characters.

His work has been exhibited individually in various public and private forums in Mexico and Europe. Museums such as the Women's Museum (UNAM), Casa Diego Rivera Guanajuato Museum within the Cervantino International Festival, Art and Variety Laboratory in Guadalajara Jalisco, Chocolate Museum, University Cultural Center in Morelia Michoacán, Cholula Puebla Cultural Center and the José María Velasco Gallery of INBAL, the STC METRO in CDMX and in the main public and private universities in the country among others.

As part of the LGBT community he has participated in various group exhibitions with this theme. In 2017 he won the contest for the CDMX LGBTTTI March Poster, in addition to producing the graphic and editorial image of the MIX Festival (cinema and sexual diversity) for five years. In 2020, it also won the “Collection that inspires” poster contest to disseminate the collection of the Franz Mayer Museum.

His work is found in private collections in Mexico, Europe, Asia and the United States.

Erik Rivera