Dove Bradshaw

Dove Bradshaw

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Art lovers in Puerto Vallarta are in for a treat as the Arte VallARTa Museum prepares to kick off its 2024 season with an innovative exhibition, which will focus on Dove Bradshaw, an internationally renowned artist making her debut in Mexico, marking the second time her work has been exhibited in Latin America.

Dove Bradshaw’s artistic journey is a fascinating blend of chance methods and an aesthetic influenced by her lifelong friend, the legendary John Cage. Her career took a remarkable turn in 1984 when she and her husband, William Anastasi, accepted the role of artistic advisor for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. During this time, she began to create monumental works that fused abstract gestural painting with conceptual processes beyond her control.

One of Bradshaw’s signature elements is her use of metal, especially in her astonishing “Contingency Paintings.” The dark and enigmatic pigments she uses, such as silver and liver of sulfur, react unpredictably over time, changing both color and shape, resulting in an ever-evolving masterpiece.

Bradshaw’s ability to discover exquisite accident is another striking facet of her work. She specializes in transforming found objects into vibrant sculptures, such as the “Spent Bullet” series, which captures the plastic exuberance of bullets hitting a surface. These bullets, enlarged and cast in resin, take on a festive character with their metallic automotive colors.

Dove Bradshaw’s work convincingly demonstrates that chance-based art has an impact and truth that can rival the most profound works of the past half century.

Dove Bradshaw