Day Of The Dead

Day Of The Dead

The city of Puerto Vallarta puts together great parties to celebrate culture, life and traditions.
   - Plaza Central
   - Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

@ Puerto Vallarta
12:00 am Every Day
1 November until 2 November

01 All Saints Day and 02 Day of the Dead!

The celebration of the Day of the Dead in Puerto Vallarta has taken on a special significance in the last few years. In 2022, Guinness World Records awarded Puerto Vallarta the title of "The World's Tallest Calavera Catrina" during these festivities.

The monumental skull, which stood 75.5 feet high, became the artistic centerpiece of a celebration that included the placement of altars of the dead, more than 80 giant "sugar skulls" decorated with various motifs throughout the Malecon boardwalk, and a comprehensive program of cultural activities.

The culmination of the Day of the Dead celebrations is the obligatory visit to the cemeteries on November 2.

The cemetery of Colonia 5 de Diciembre, for example, becomes a family celebration: While the Vallartenses come to honor their dead, the surrounding area is filled with vendors selling fresh cempasúchil (Marigold) flowers, Mexican antojitos, pan de muerto, and even live Mariachi music!

Day Of The Dead