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Miramar 399
Col.Centro Cerro

Cel: 322-888-2470

Casa De Los Perros

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A place for your dog to stay when you go away. Teaching good manners, one dog at a time.

Michael Hord, owner says "I want to allow the dog's human to feel confidant that their dog is well taken care of and that the dog's manners are improving every day that the human is away. Your dog can stay in my house in a calm structured environment. They live in my house as my dog does. There are boundaries, limitations, structure and rules of behavior but lots of freedom. She/he will have plenty of human attention and socialization exercises with other dogs to create harmonious co-existence with all of the dogs in the house. Iíve ben told that their dogís behavior improved significantly after having spent time being socialized at Casa de los Perros. Iím always happy to hear that.

The dogs stay in a living room environment. There are toys and blankets and linen sheets that are cleaned regularly for your dogís comfort. Dogs are taught not to be overly possessive and non-aggressive with toys using ďPositive Gentle TrainingĒ.
Dogs are spoken to assertively but calmly and kindly. They are taught to obey basic commands such as no, sit and stay. They love to learn these things. If done properly by the trainer, itís a very fun game for dogs and helps maintain the calm environment that is best for their physical and mental health.

The house is kept very clean on a daily basis. Their bowls are washed after every meal. The dogs are given baths when needed with just clean water or baby shampoo. Their faces and paws are cleaned every day with a clean damp wash cloth. They brushed and inspected as a way of earning trust and to make sure there are no skin or dental problems.

Your dog will enjoy multiple daily walks through the streets of Centro and Gringo Gulch in the hills of Puerto Vallarta. Each walk is treated as a training session. They are trained to walk nicely in a pack and be non-responsive towards cats and dogs on the street. If they have fears, I attempt to desensitize them to whatever it is that they fear. A calm state of being is best for the dogs (and for us humans).

Boarding requirements:

Flea and tick protection is a requirement for a dog to stay in the house. A flea and tick bath can be given if requested.

Up to date required immunization.
Veterinarian contact info.

Please bring sufficient food for the duration for their stay. Whatever amount of food that they eat per day is divided into 3 meals served at 8 am, 1 pm, and 9pm. Special additives or preparation is not a problem. I am experienced in administering any medications that your dog may require.

Teaching basic manners (commands) that I hope to instill in your dog are:
Training sessions are available by the hour.

1. No: No means no. Now. Whether that is lunging after another dog or barking. No means stop immediately. This can be a life saving or injury preventing command that is basic yet essential. It requires training and consistency.

2. Heel: Walk with a loose lease on the humanís left side in stride with the humanís leg, turning when the human turns, stopping when the human stops. Sitting and staying while waiting if commanded.

3. Sit: The dog must learn to sit when told to sit in a calm assertive voice. This is a very civilized state to be in when calm behavior is required. It is an excellent command for safety when you are in a busy indoor or outdoor situation.

4. Down: Go from sit to lying on the floor calmly.

5. Stay: (on-leash and off). This is also a very useful calm state to be in when in the midst of a chaotic situation. Itís good for the dog and for the human. Calm is good.

6. Come: A fun command but also critically useful for the dogs safety. This is taught on a long leash until the dog performs the command reliably. Then they are to come from an off-leash position reliably when called (always and immediately).

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