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Act II Stages

Gay Friendly, Gay Staff, Mixed Clientele, 30 somethings, Drag Shows, Live Comedy, Live Theater, Martinis, Live Music, No Smoking

Act II Entertainment provides full on entertainment. Live music, musicals, comedy shows and drag shows in one of the three rooms they have; Main Stages, Red Room and Encore Piano Bar.

Act II Entertainment engages, inspires, entertains, and challenges audiences with theatrical productions that range from the classics to new works; we train and support the next generation of theater artists; we provide arts education programs that promote life-long learning to a diverse community; and we celebrate the essential power of the theatre to illuminate our common humanity.

Events Calendar

Walk like a Man

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"WALK LIKE A MAN," starring PAUL FRACCASSI, is the number-one selling show in Puerto Vallarta! Last year, he sold out 24 of his 25 shows. Act II Entertainment is excited to announce that this show will return to The Red Room as a HEADLINE ACT for the 2016-1017 season!

7:30 pm   Every Wednesday
until 28 March   @ Act II Entertainment

Dueling Drag Divas

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All live singing celebrity impression act starring Chi Chi Rones and Joanna

9:30 pm   Every Sunday, Wednesday
until 28 March   @ Act II Stages

The Dueling Drag Divas is an all live singing celebrity impression act starring Chi Chi Rones and Joanna who have teamed up together to create a wacky and wonderful show featuring some of your favorite stars.
Mama Tits Big & Loud

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MAMA TITS definitely left a great impression in Vallarta after a very successful run last year with her fabulous show, Mayhem with Mama! We are very excited that she is returning to Puerto Vallarta this year with her solo show, "SWEET LIKE CANDY" starring Mama Tits.

9:30 pm   Every Monday
until 28 May   @ Act II Stages

5:00 pm   Every Wednesday
until 30 May   @ Act II Stages

Hedda Lettuce "Gives Great Hedda"

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"HEDDA LETTUCE, six-time Drag Queen of the Year Award-winner (HX magazine) and the legendary "green goddess" of drag, will glamorize another winter in Puerto Vallarta as she dishes out a tossed salad of improvisational comedy, sultry songs, and dazzling gowns." -Act II Stages-

5:00 pm   Every Tuesday
until 27 March   @ Act II Stages

9:30 pm   Every Thursday, Friday
until 30 March   @ Act II Stages

"It's entirely fat-free! She tosses out a night of storytelling, ribald stand-up comedy, and live (not lip-synched) singing. Her show includes her nationally-acclaimed original comedic music that is peppered with parodies of old time favorites and startling satire. Expect a night of side-splitting laughter from Hedda Lettuce, one of New York City's premiere drag queens." -Act II Stages
Diana Villamonte "Motown and Beyond"

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5:00 pm   Every Thursday
until 26 April   @ Act II Stages

Rocky Horror Show

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“Rocky Horror Show” is a blockbuster musical comedy that pays humorous tribute to the science fiction and horror B movies of the 1940’s to the 1970’s.

7:00 pm   Every Thursday
until 22 March   @ Act II Stages

10:00 pm   Every Saturday
until 24 March   @ Act II Stages

It tells the story of Brad Majors and Janet Weiss, a straight-laced, newly engaged couple, that have a breakdown and get caught in a terrible storm. They stumble upon the castle of Dr. Frank-n-Furter, a mad transvestite scientist, who is having a party to celebrate the unveiling of his newest creation, Rocky Horror, a man-made Adonis that will give absolute pleasure! Rocky Horror is a powerful musical that sparked a cult movement. It is the perfect show for Puerto Vallarta because it brings together people from all walks of life, exploring freedom from normal heterosexuality and embracing androgyny and queer sexual awakenings.
Paul Fracassi - Legends

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With special tribute to Roy Orbison

5:00 pm   Every Friday
until 27 April   @ Act II Stages

One of Act II’s most popular and talented artists, returns for his fourth consecutive year. His very popular shows, Legends, Walk Like a Man and 20th Century Crooner, sold more tickets than any other performer in Vallarta history! Paul is the consummate performer. He bounds onto the stage and effortlessly reaches soaring high notes that send chills and thrills throughout his audience. He has added new excitement to his shows with backup singers and Vegas-style costumes that truly complement his engaging delivery.
Stayin´ Alive

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A tribute to the legendary BeeGee's (and all the great falsetto singers of all time).

7:30 pm   Every Sunday
until 1 April   @ Act II Stages

This season, he has created a brand-new show called “Falsetto,” a tribute to one of his favorite 70’s group, The Beegee’s! His other popular shows, Legends, Walk Like a Man and 20th Century Crooner, sold more tickets than any other performer in Vallarta history!
Woodstock '69

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Musical direction and arrangements by Rhonda Padmos and Don Pope, act II's Live Music team.

7:00 pm   Every Sunday
until 29 April   @ Act II Stages

Experience once again the magic of WOODSTOCK '69 shaping a generation to make love not war... legalize pot... to have sexual and racial equality... resist the draft... free love... and end the Vietnam war.
Live Music
Tina Turner - Simply the Best

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Do you love Tina Turner songs? Remember What’s Love Got to Do with It, Simply the Best, River Deep Mountain High, Fool in Love, Nutbush City Limits, and many, many more? Well, Act II has ALWAYS wanted to do a Tina Turner Tribute show, but has been waiting for just the right person to make it happen.

7:30 pm   Every Friday
until 27 April   @ Act II Stages

One of the most talented entertainers who has ever crossed Act II Stage, Diana has been starring all season to sold-out audiences in “Motown and Beyond,” and many people suggested that Diana’s uncanny resemblance to Tina Turner, both physically and vocally, would be PERFECT for a Tina Turner show.
Some Enchanted Evening

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More so than any composer and lyricist who have written for the stage, the songs of Rodgers & Hammerstein have become an integral part of our everyday lives. We sing them in the shower, we dance to them in ballrooms, we hear them on the radio and in clubs and, yes, in elevators and supermarkets too. We still thrill to them on the live stage in their respective shows, and we teach them to our children.

7:00 pm   Every Monday
until 26 March   @ Act II Stages

This stunning collection of compositions places five performers in a theatrical setting -- first "backstage," where the songs are sung as personal interplay, and then "onstage." While offering the performers an opportunity to explore the songs within their own styles and sensibilities, it offers the audience a glorious parade of genuine hits.
Live Music
California Dreaming

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This show features LIVE MUSIC, with singers in the characters of the original band members, Cass Elliot, Michelle Phillips, John Phillips and Denny Doherty. An upbeat, “feel-good” show, California Dreamin' takes you back through a musical time machine when folk music was transitioning to psychedelic pop hits.

7:00 pm   Every Friday
until 30 March   @ Act II Stages

This music shaped a generation and mirrored the California music scene from Laurel Canyon to the "flower children" of San Francisco. It reflected the "make love not war," message of the peace movement. Rhonda Padmos and Don Pope are well-known Puerto Vallarta musicians who are producing this exciting tribute show. They are Canadians who arrived in PV in the 80's as guest musicians on THE LOVE BOAT. Currently, in their 5th season at ACT II with shows like Come Together (Beatles tribute), Rumors (Fleetwood Mac tribute), The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sordid Lives, A Chorus Line and Tapestry (music of Carole King), Rhonda and Don are thrilled to bring this exciting show back to Act II!
Live Music
Us Two

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NEW VOICES... OLD BEATS Dany and Noemi, Us Two, will almost certainly be a big hit of the coming season.

5:00 pm   24 February   @ Act II Stages

7:30 pm   26 February   @ Act II Stages

5:00 pm   3 March   @ Act II Stages

5:00 pm   17 March   @ Act II Stages

5:00 pm   24 March   @ Act II Stages

5:00 pm   31 March   @ Act II Stages

Noemi Plascencia
Originally from the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, she began her artistic career when she studied at the Conservatory of Music belonging to the Univesidad of Guadalajara. She also joined major musical show bands and performed with many other talented musicians. She moved to Puerto Vallarta Jalisco in 2005 to continue her artistic career as a singer. In 2012 she began her best personal project; “Us Two.”

Daniel Celis
Originally from the city of Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico. He began his artistic journey at a young age as a participant in choirs. He studied at the Conservatory of Music in the city of Querétaro and later was part of majors bands in Mexico, the United States and Canada. The diversity of these bands has allowed him to develop a versatility of many musical genres. In 2012 he moved to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco where he joined with Noemi to meld their incredible talents into forming; “Us Two”.
Plaza Suite

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Plaza Suite is a hilarious comedy, composed of three acts, all set in Room #719 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. In the first act, "Visitor from Mamaroneck," a middle-aged married couple tries to rekindle their dying spark. In "Visitor from Hollywood," a film producer invites his childhood sweetheart to a hotel for sex. In "Visitor from Forest Hills," a bride has locked herself in the bathroom on her wedding day, as her parents desperately try to get her out.

7:00 pm   Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday
until 31 March   @ Act II Stages

Plaza Suites is produced by the elite PV production team, NuName Productions, and directed by Edoardo Rocha. It stars Michel Gibney, Patrice White, Eileen Matthews and Elizabeth Wiggins. Overflowing with gags, jokes, one-liners and laughable human frailties, Plaza Suites is a sparkling gem
Debby Holiday

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Multiple billboard-charting singer and songwriter. Debby has been involved in the music industry since she was a little girl. Her father, Jimmy Holiday, was a passionate and soulful artist who had several hit singles and co-wrote many hit songs.

7:30 pm   24 February   @ Act II Stages

7:30 pm   27 February   @ Act II Stages

7:30 pm   1 March   @ Act II Stages

7:30 pm   3 March   @ Act II Stages

Debby's unique sound is a mixture of soul and rock. She started to write songs at the age of 13 and broke into the dance scene and the Billboard Top 10 in 2004 with her songs, "Dive" and "Half a Mile Away." Debby has shared the stage with legendary recording artists like John Waite and Rod Stewart, appearing on several television programs including The View, The Rosie O'Donnell Show and The David Letterman Show. During her career, Debby has toured and opened for rock superstars including Joe Walsh, Rod Stewart and Kiss.
Turn Delight On

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Yes, these are dark times, my friends, but don't worry!! All you have to do is…TURN DELIGHT ON! Join us as we welcome New York's "Best In Drag" Winner and internationally-celebrated drag star, Delighted Tobehere, for a night of hilarity, positivity, and song!

9:30 pm   24 February   @ Act II Stages

9:30 pm   27 February   @ Act II Stages

9:30 pm   3 March   @ Act II Stages

9:30 pm   6 March   @ Act II Stages

Live Music
Donny Most

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Donny Most, best known as “Ralph Malph” on the long running hit television show, Happy Days, brings the songs of Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Dean Martin and more…. to life!

7:30 pm   Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
5 March until 10 March   @ Act II Stages

Through his musical interpretations and creative arrangements, “Swing era” and “50’s Cool” are fused together into one very unique show! In addition to acting and directing, Donny has returned to his first love…. singing!
Sutton Lee Seymour

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"Our beloved Sutton Lee Seymour returns for her THIRD highly-anticipated season in Puerto Vallarta!"

9:30 pm   Every Tuesday, Saturday
10 March until 31 March   @ Act II Stages

"As one of the most popular, SOLD-OUT shows at Act II, this one-woman, comedic dynamo performs and spoofs everything from Disney, Broadway and Hollywood, to impersonating celebrities like Carol Channing, Joan Rivers, Liza Minnelli, Barbra Streisand, and many more. Known as the “Robin Williams of Drag,” (TripAdvisor) and “….one of the best and brightest drag talents in New York City (Huffington Post), Sutton Lee is known for taking full-length musicals and movies and condensing them down to a 5-minute ROMP OF HILARITY!"
Live Music
Jeffery Straker

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We are very excited to welcome Jeffery Straker, SINGER SONGWRITER-PIANIST, from Saskatchewan, Canada, to Act II. As he sings along to his beautiful piano playing, Jeffery weaves stories between his songs, drawing the audience into an unforgettable, intimate experience.

7:30 pm   Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
12 March until 17 March   @ Act II Stages

Jeffery's distinctive voice, with its surprising range and signature high notes, blends folk and pop, sounding like a mixture of Elton John, Sarah Slean & Billy Joel (with a dash of Harry Chapin). His tour stops range from intimate house concerts to club and theatre shows and include recent sold-out concerts with Canadian symphony orchestras in Saskatoon, Regina and Sudbury. The review following his orchestral debut read: "Straker was simply spectacular…clearly one of the province's best cultural exports."
Live Music
Michelle Johnson

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MICHELLE JOHNSON, direct from Las Vegas, presents "SPOTLIGHT: My Journey from Backstage to Centerstage." Now a popular Las Vegas-based vocalist and entertainer, Michelle will be performing her one-woman musical show in the Red Room at Act II Stages!

7:30 pm   Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
19 March until 24 March   @ Act II Stages

In addition to her wonderful music, which includes jazz, R&B, rock, and pop, she will present powerful, behind-the-scenes stories about her experiences in the music business as a session and back-up singer to some of the all-time musical greats!
Live Music
Daniel Portela

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The handsome and talented heartthrob, Daniel Portela, finally returns to Puerto Vallarta with a brand-new show and live band, featuring lots of sexy Latin music, as well as classic American songs… with a latin flavor!

7:30 pm   Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
26 March until 31 March   @ Act II Stages

Currently living in Guadalajara, Daniel has appeared in many venues around Mexico as a member of Banda Simbolos, with whom he recorded two albums, and he was also the opening act for several “big name shows,” such as Sentidos Opuestos, OV7, Ragazzi, Fey, Anahi, and recently for the band Elefante with a total success at one of the biggest scenarios of the country, La Feria de Pachuca 2017. Daniel has combined his passion for music with theater, and many will remember him as “Rocky” in Act II’s original production of Rocky Horror Show, as well as “Ty Williamson” in Act II’s smash hit Sordid Lives.
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