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Sutton Lee Seymour

She’s back with a vengeance for her 6th Season in Puerto Vallarta, inviting you into her wacky world of song, dance, and comedy where she’s NOT a mean queen… she’s just a “sasshole.”

What the Critics Say...
“Sutton Lee Seymour is a wonderfully theatrical singer and a seasoned comedy queen!” -

“Sutton Lee Seymour has risen the ranks, becoming one of THE top drag performers!” - Provincetown Magazine

“…a high quality drag show with BROAD APPEAL!” - Puerto Vallarta Daily News

"Sutton Lee Seymour has come into her own as a drag star!" - Paper Magazine

“Funny, Fast Paced, and Entirely Entertaining!” - TripAdvisor

"Sutton Lee Seymour had me laughing so hard I cried... and peed my pants!" - TripAdvisor

Events Calendar

Jest for Fans

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Sutten Lee Seymour´s Jest for Fans. Drag show with Live Vocals, Comedy and boylesque.

8:00 pm   Every Friday
31 December until 28 January   @ The Palm Cabaret & Bar

8:00 pm   Every Friday
until 17 December   @ The Palm Cabaret & Bar

9:00 pm   Every Tuesday
until 25 January   @ The Palm Cabaret & Bar

Music direction by Mark Hartman.
No menus available.
No photos are available.