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Wolfgang “Lobo” Fink was born in the Bavarian town of Teisendorf. At 18, while in the German navy, he picked up his first guitar. Listening to an album by gypsy guitarist Manitas de Plata drew him to the music.

Upon leaving the navy, he found de Plata in a gypsy camp in Southern France and spent time with him and his people. Returning to Germany, Lobo formed a flamenco group named Lailo, touring Europe for three years and helping to popularize the modern gypsy sound. His searches led him to Granada, Spain, living with gypsies in the caves of Sacromonte and studying their ways. He traveled to Mexico in 1980 as a solo act, eventually meeting his long-time musical partner Willie Royal. The two were hugely successful and produced 11 albums, mainly on the Narada label. They were also included in at least three compilations of guitar and flamenco music. Their album, Gypsy Boogaloo, spent 17 weeks on the Billboard’s World Music Chart in 1993, 10 weeks in the number two position. It was called one of the best exotic musical dishes of the early ’90s by Jonathan Widran of the All Music Guide. Their album Zambra spent 3 weeks on Billboard’s New Age Album Chart in 2006, peaking at number 4. Willie Royal passed away in 2016, and Lobo continues playing solo all over the world.

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