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Geo Uhrich, Luis Rascon and Lilly Alcantara set out a clear mantra by focusing their energies on making merged melodies, interesting fusions, a touch of classic masterpieces, and new tones and rhythms. There’s always something a bit different and unique, and the level of professionalism and commitment has never been higher.

‘A mysterious force that everyone feels, but no one can explain. The poet said, “The Duende is not in the throat. Duende surges up from inside – from the soles of one’s feet.” Musical ideas begin to coalesce into a structure that evolves, takes shape and then comes to life!

Other than some drums, there are no backing tracks. Everything is played live with the entertaining use of new technology. The melodies you love with a presentation that’s amazing. The secret is in the “Loopers”, which they bring to a new level in live performance. That, plus the fact that Duende uses custom instruments that have a wider and more expressive pallet of notes and sounds.

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New and exciting material has been added for this season. DUENDE plays most FRIDAYS starting Jan. 5, 2018 at 7pm. Check Buy Tickets Now or our calendar for specific dates. Don’t miss it!

7:00 pm   23 March   @ Incanto

7:00 pm   30 March   @ Incanto

A total of eight instruments – blending the thousand year-old sound of a Duduk and gut-string guitar with modern day classics including Pop/Classical, Gypsy Rumba/Celtic, Rockin’ Beethoven, R&B/Reggae, and Folk/Bossa. Duende is made possible by new technology. All the music is professionally scored (written) in multi-instrumental parts and incorporates the all the instruments that Luis and Geo play: Nylon Guitar, 5 String Electric Violin, 5 String Electric Cello, Cello, Keyboards, Electric Guitar, Flute, Duduk and Percussion.
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