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Colectika Mexican Folk Art Gallery

Colectika Mexican Folk Art Gallery welcome's you to a world where skeletons come alive to celebrate life. Shaman converse with their Gods and nahuales shift from human to animal form under the light of the moon.

For over 10 years Kevin Simpson has operated Peyote People, a small shop known for its unique collection of Mexican Folk Art including some of the most collected Huichol Indian artists. After years of traveling from Chiapas to Chihuahua, village to village through the Sierra, doing countless ceremonies, and rituals, eating foods and bugs that one wouldn't think eatable, he has collected some amazing pieces of art from a number of very talented artists.

Things however are changing in Mexico. New infrastructure, cellular technology and computers are making villages once virtually cut off from the outside world much easier to connect with. This change can also be seen in the Folk Art, simple almost primitive carvings are being replaced by more intricate designs that incorporate animals that may not belong to the region. New colors and materials, adapted from the outside world enable Mexican folk artists an exciting new way of expressing how their ancient traditions and beliefs fit into today's modern world.

Colectika Mexican Folk Art Gallery at the corner of Guadalupe Sanchez and Allende would like to invite you to take a new look at some very old Mexican traditions.

Some of the artists like Jacobo and Maria Angeles Ojeda, Julia Fuentes y J. Juan Melchor, Claudio y Teresa Ojeda, the workshop of Afonso Castillo, Ricardo Linares, Mario Saulo Moreno, Demetrio Aguilar, Florencio Lopez, Santos Bautista, Luis Castro, Neikame and Jose Benitez are very well recognized and regularly do shows at galleries in the US as well as institutions like the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, The Desert Botanical Garden in Pheonix, and The Smithsonian Native American Museum to name just a few.

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