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Peyote People

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Huichol Indian and Mexican Folk Art and Artifacts.

Peyote People is a fair trade co-operative based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that provides most of the carvings from their artists as well as new iridescent glass beads that are imported exclusively by them into Mexico for their artists to use in their art. They have been recognized by the Huichol Indian Traditional Government of San Andres Cohamaita for not only promoting their artwork but also for their commitment to the preservation of their customs and traditions through what they call cultural authenticity:

"Cultural Authenticity may be an invisible quality but it is what separates the "urban" Huichol from those who actually live in the Sierra and are
actively involved in the preservation of their cultures traditions."

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Special Event
The Night of The Alebrije

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Two great masters from Oaxaca, two nights. Learn about their art of Zapotec Symbols.

9:00 pm   Every Day
until 21 February   @ Peyote People

Two great masters from Oaxaca are coming to show how they create the natural paints they use to decorate their wood carvings using Zapotec symbols.
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