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Galleries of Puerto Vallarta

Galleries proliferate in Vallarta, and many are well worthwhile places to visit.

The art community and gay community co-exist and together provide much of the bohemian feel that is Puerto Vallarta. The first gallery opened in the early 80's, and now there are 30 some galleries. Art of every description is exhibited in this beautiful city, from bohemian to Huichol, expressionistic to figurative.

Artisans from all around Mexico as well as the world bring their works to Vallarta. Artists whose work has been enjoyed for years as well as up-and-coming artists are featured.

During the "Art Season" from November to April the public is invited to attend cocktail receptions during "Art Walk" inaugurations. With maps in hand, patrons stroll from gallery to gallery enjoying the art of the Downtown and Marina galleries' art walks. In Puerto Vallarta we are fortunate to be able to enjoy the fruits of many artists' talents. It is a little Mecca for those who collect, study, or just take pleasure from viewing.



Mixed Clientele, Gourmet

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ART VallARTa is a unique concept space and facility where you are the creative participant.

213 Calle Pilitas 1/2 a block off the South end of Olas Altas in the heart of the Romantic Zone next door to the San Franciscan ART Condo Complex

Weekly Classes going on NOW – Watercolor Mondays and Wednesdays with Veronica Rangel, Monday Pottery Classes with Froylan Hernandez, Painting on the Beach Tuesdays with Adrian T. Rojas Tuesdays 8:45 – 12, Studio Painting in Acrylics Class with Douglas Simonson Thursdays 10 – 1 and Freestyle Fridays painting with Adrian T. Rojas Tuesdays 10 – 1.

During High Season, EVERY DAY THERE ARE ART CLASSES and Events at ART VALLARTA! Drop-ins can be accommodated or better yet reserve your space, During High season spaces fill up fast!

ARTIST STUDIO SPACE AVAILABLE. Rates start at $75 per month. Ceramic, Painting, Glass and Theater.

Colectika Mexican Folk Art Gallery

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Colectika Mexican Folk Art Gallery welcome's you to a world where skeletons come alive to celebrate life. Shaman converse with their Gods and nahuales shift from human to animal form under the light of the moon.

Galeria Contempo

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Founded in 2010, Galeria Contempo presents an exciting roster of established and emerging artists from all over Mexico.

Galeria Corsica

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Mexican Contemporary Art with International tastes ranging from sexy and luscious, to somber, irreverent, and even provocative.

Galería Indígena

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This gallery features two floors and over 5,300 square feet of display space of indigenous Mexican art, and it's unusually affordable.

Galería Pacífico

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One of the leading Puerto Vallarta art galleries since 1987, Galeria Pacifico offers Mexican art with an emphasis on local painters.

Galería de Ollas

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Galeria de Ollas is dedicated solely to displaying and selling the works of the finest Mata Ortiz potters. It is one of only a few galleries in the world that sells only Mata Ortiz pottery.

Gallery Dante

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Galleria Dante, now in its 25th season, is recognized as Vallarta’s largest fine art gallery and sculpture garden.

Muy Guapo Vallarta

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Muy Guapo Vallarta showcases the color and sophistication of old and new art from Mexico and Latin America.

NordSouth Gallery

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Peyote People

Mixed Clientele, Casual

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Huichol Indian and Mexican Folk Art and Artifacts.

Tierra Huichol

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Tierra Huichol is the door to the cultural ancestral art to the modern world. The hipnotic art filled with meaning of the Mexican Huichol art. Special requests available.

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