Música en Vivo 

Special Guests


Hulda Hix – Lead Vocals
Kevon Bradford – Keys/Effects/Lead Vocals
Fitz Tucker, Jr. – Bass/Background Vocals
Kevin Taylor – Drums/Percussion/Background Vocals

Vibology is a fusion of the words Vibrations and Technology. Their unique sound comes from a glorious blend of traditional reggae with popular American music, ranging from 60’s doo-wop to current hits.

Unlike anything ever seen or heard before in Puerto Vallarta, they will keep you dancing and jamming all night! The boys of the band all come from St. Thomas, Jamaica, where they all grew up together and played music for many years. They met Hulda Hix, a French-Caribbean vocalist from Brooklyn, NY, in Puerto Vallarta in Dec. 2016, and immediately made a great connection that reflects in the music. It is truly a description of this band’s distinct sound. Masterfully, they combine music from different genres into a beautiful island melody that personifies what “feel good music” is made of. This is a ticketed event in the piano bar.