Hedda Lettuce

Hedda Lettuce "Gives Great Hedda"

300 Insurgentes
Puerto Vallarta
Tel. 222-1512

@ Act II Stages
5:00 pm   Cada Martes
hasta 27 marzo

@ Act II Stages
9:30 pm   Cada Jueves, Viernes
hasta 30 marzo
"HEDDA LETTUCE, six-time Drag Queen of the Year Award-winner (HX magazine) and the legendary "green goddess" of drag, will glamorize another winter in Puerto Vallarta as she dishes out a tossed salad of improvisational comedy, sultry songs, and dazzling gowns." -Act II Stages-

"It's entirely fat-free! She tosses out a night of storytelling, ribald stand-up comedy, and live (not lip-synched) singing. Her show includes her nationally-acclaimed original comedic music that is peppered with parodies of old time favorites and startling satire. Expect a night of side-splitting laughter from Hedda Lettuce, one of New York City's premiere drag queens." -Act II Stages