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Mole Pozole and More

Calle Independencia
#231, Local 5
Col. Centro
Tel. 322 178-8288
"The Mole Pozole is ideal for people who want to have a leisurely evening strolling the town; meeting new friends, and sharing some amazing dining along the way."

Your Vallarta Eats Foodie Guide will take you to 4 places where you will taste some of the best eats offered in Puerto Vallarta. Come prepared to eat delicious food and learn about the importance of food in Mexican culture and history. At each restaurant you will eat three or four delicacies that make these restaurants magnets for the locals. Mole, pozole, tacos, and more are on the menu.

They recommend taking their tours at the beginning of your stay in Puerto Vallarta. That way, you’ll be able to return to your newly discovered favorite spots during the rest of your visit!